I’m delighted that you’re interested in this brilliant opportunity.

JK portrait.jpgWhen I joined Surrey CC last year, I did so not because I thought it would be easy, but because I knew it would stretch and challenge me more than any other job – and more, that success would be enormously rewarding. The same applies to this role.

Our transformation programme is so big you can see it from space. We’ve developed a genuinely participative Community Vision 2030, underpinned by comprehensive, detailed plans and business cases for Workforce, Finance, Organisation and more – all incorporated into a new Target Operating Model that represents a lasting step change for the council and the communities we serve. So the groundwork is done, and the structures for us to achieve our goals is all in place.

The kind of person who’ll thrive in the role is tenacious, curious, optimistic and future-focused. You’ll have an extensive and interesting track record of doing difficult, complex things, and the experience and personal credibility to drive change in a range of different contexts. You’ll believe in the value of achieving things with people, rather than despite them. And you’ll relish the stimulation of working in an environment with lots of moving parts: where things are evolving all the time, and sometimes without much notice.

I look forward to receiving your application.

Yours sincerely

Joanna Killian
Chief Executive

We have asked Terry McDougall from Solace in Business to support us with the appointment. In the first instance, please contact her team on 0207 976 3311 to arrange a confidential conversation.